The Journey

the journey retreat fall 2013

Jesus said to go into all the world and make disciples. What does that mean?

How do we make a disciple and how will we know when that is over?

Jesus also said a student couldn’t be greater than his teacher, so if we are making disciples who will not be greater than us then when the line eventually diminish into non-existence?

Would you be willing to take a JOURNEY with us…

Spiritual Formation Retreat– a retreat that will focus on integrity gaps, authenticity with God, authenticity with others, and giving room for God to heal vows and wounds you have. Most of this retreat is spent between you and the Lord as you sort through some of the presentations and see what the Lord might want to do in your life.

Spiritual Formation Small Group– after you have completed the retreat we have a small group that meets weekly to learn how to implement spiritual disciplines into your life to use as tools as the Lord is given room to work in us to bring about transformation.

Discipleship Training Retreat– a retreat focused on forming missional communities and offering training on how to make disciples, and how to live all out missionally. There will be lots of time for prayer, best practices, and teaching as if you will be planting a church.

Discipleship Training Small Group– this small group will focus on how to make disciples in a manner where they will become disciples of Jesus and they can easily make other disciples of Jesus. The idea is that instead of making disciples of us, we are teaching people how to learn directly from Jesus.

Coach and Small Group Leader Training– we will also be training you on how to lead as a small group leader in this retreat for others who are beginning the journey later on. This training will come as part of the discipleship training. Then you will serve as a leader at the retreat.

Perspectives– after you have served as a leader we have a small group based on the book perspectives which trains in worldwide missions.

RETREATS will be offered Labor Day Weekend and MLK Weekend each year. The next Retreats will be August 30-Sept. 1, 2013 and January 17-19, 2014.

SMALL GROUPS will be offered at various times during the week in order to hit most people’s schedule.

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