The BSM has a prayer room with a place for live worship, art stations, and other prompts and activities.

The room is open every day for a place to get away and meet with Jesus from 8am-10pm.

Please feel free to lead a worship or prayer set!


Dates: February 3-4, 2017
Price: $45
Info: Abide is an unscheduled prayer experience for college students, high school seniors and adults who work with college students. Abide is designed to be a time of retreat. There is a opening session on Friday night and a closing session Saturday afternoon. Everything in between is up to you. There will be various “Abide Encounters” to help you pray and connect with God. Sit by the water. Spend some time next to the bonfire. Sleep. Listen to the quiet. Pray for your campus and the world. Enjoy the cool weather. Take a walk by yourself. Have coffee with a friend.


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