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Thursdays 6:30 pm at BSM building (4801 Calhoun)

Acts 2 provides a glimpse into the unbridled format the believers of Christ used for their gatherings. They shared a meal, sat under teaching, prayed, worshipped, and looked to serve needs.

As best we can we try to emulate the format with 21st century spons. We share a meal and spend time on small groups together for teaching. Then we spend time in prayer and worship that is group led- meaning, everyone has opportunity to lead a song, share a scripture, or encourage the body. We close this specific gathering by serving needs- maybe handing out water, filling shoe boxes with toys, backpacks, or whatever it may be.

A light dinner is served at 6:30pm with worship to follow at 7.

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    What a joy to find sonmeoe else who thinks this way.

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